Nutritional Services

Our Registered Dietician conducts nutritional assessments on all children and develops nutrition programs for each child as part of the child’s IPP. The dietician monitors the nutritional status of each child on an ongoing basis and documents all reviews in the charts. Additionally, consults and advises members of the interdisciplinary team regarding nutritional needs of the children. The dietician provides ongoing direction, supervision, staff development and evaluation of all dietary operations and staff.

With the Director of Support Services, the dietician establishes dietary standards, Policies and Procedures and communicates them to all staff and monitors their observance. The Dietician also works closely with medical and nursing departments in response to changing nutritional needs of children and modifications of diets. Formulating regular menus and menus of special diets, including lists of supplements, and substitute meals taking into account likes, dislikes, allergies and aversions for each resident is also part of the responsibility of what is delivered at Ferncliff. The dietician also provides staff development and for other departments as needed is part of the responsibility of the dietician.

For further information please our Registered Dietician, Denise Addorissio at:

(914) 968-4854