Our Plans

Reaching New Heights in the Twenty-first Century!


Our legacy began in 1935 with one home and the vision of a caring nurse, Margaret Brady Saich, who wanted to make a difference by providing a residential school for individuals with developmental disabilities.


Thirty-seven years later, Margaret Saich’s son, Bill and his wife, Pat Saich have worked diligently to enhance the residential school to meet the many challenges of a growing population of children who require adaptive and integrative learning. They have hired professionals who can provide highly specialized treatment and care. Their goal is to continue to strive for excellence.

Future Development

Ferncliff Manor, Inc., is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization that conducts fundraising activities committed to supporting program enhancements for the students at Sail (The School for Adaptive and Integrative Learning) at Ferncliff Manor.

Our plans are to build a new residential campus consisting of individual modern houses and a brand new school building because our facility is very old. It will have the necessary upgrades that will enhance the lives of the students who live here.

We will continue to seek the involvement of our neighbors by inviting community-based programs to bring their expertise to our children and to utilize a variety of off-site recreational programs and resources that provide our children with a sense of community.

Dedicated to Serving Children Who Require Adaptive Teaching Strategies, Customized Services, Highly Specialized Treatment and Care in Order To Learn.