Psychological Services 

Our Psychology Department works with all interdisciplinary teams to determine, implement and monitor the effectiveness of behavior management or intervention plans for students or residents. The psychologist runs team meetings and behavior intervention meetings in order to assess effectiveness of goals and interventions. Counseling sessions are conducted according to services on individual IEP/IPP. The psychologist also works on conducting evaluations, entailing adaptive/cognitive testing and interpretation, classroom observations, teacher/staff interviewing to establish individual needs. The psychologist collaborates with psychiatric, medical and educational services to assure effective communication resulting in a successful program for each individual. Informal evaluations are conducted with prospective students or residents. The psychologist also acts as a Crisis Intervention Team Leader and provides direct intervention as needed. Fostering staff in creating an effective environment for each individuals needs is the main goal. 

For further information please phone our School Psychologist on
(914) 968-4854 x234