What is SAIL?

School for Adaptive & Integrative Learning

SAIL at Ferncliff Manor provides quality, innovative educational programming for the residential children at Ferncliff Manor. In addition, the school accepts a small number of children from surrounding communities as day students. 

Each class is staffed by a New York Certified teacher of Special Education who is assisted in the class by at least three additional staff. The focus of the child’s educational program is on functional life skills. The school has identified five areas of concentration that address the child’s current and projected levels of function. Each student follows an individualized plan that anticipates his or her future needs. Meetings are held on a regular basis to provide updates on the students’ progress against goals. Additionally the teaching staff provides the child with basic academic skills that will carry them through their life after leaving SAIL. The ultimate goal is to prepare our students as functional members of society upon their discharge from our program.

SAIL at Ferncliff Manor is recognized by the New York State Department of Education for the innovative and appropriate programming it provides for all of its students.”