Basic Life Skills Curriculum based upon the New York State Learning Standards and Alternate Performance Indicators for Students with Severe Disabilities is concerned with the acquisition of those abilities, skills, and understandings that lead to greater independence, social competence and academic and vocational proficiencies.
Five primary life skill areas are the focus and they include:

  • Communication Skills

  • Skills in Activities of Daily Living

  • Motor/Mobility/Movement Skills

  • Social/Leisure/Community Living Skills

  • Academic and Vocational Skills

In designing individualized programs, we incorporate both experience and research-based intervention and teaching strategies that compliment the unique learning styles and individual profiles of each student including but not limited to ABA, Floor Time, Applied Verbal Behavior, Pecs, Sensory Integration. These adaptive strategies are also designed to accommodate to each child’s special characteristics, such as sensory deficits, motor impairments, social, emotional and behavioral challenges.
Our students also participate in a variety of off-site recreational programs and utilize resources that provide them with a sense of community belonging.