Student Life Services

At Ferncliff Manor our children exhibit a wide range of functioning levels, skills and abilities; also coping  with moderate to profound learning, communication and behavior disorders. In many cases the individual child requires total personal care.

We provide a safe, nurturing environment with 24 hour support where these special children feel at home and continue to grow. Positive behavior supports are integrated into the residential care under the guidance of the school psychologist. 

We utilize input from the multidisciplinary team to assist each child to achieve their maximum potential by promoting the generalization of skills from the education to the residential setting. Trained and experienced supervisors are always available to provide on-going support and assistance to the Life Skills Assistants providing direct care. 

In addition, to personal care services, recreation and leisure services are provided after school and on weekends. These services include both on-site and community based activities. 

A wide variety of activities are offered on grounds including an adaptive playground with a basketball court and adaptive swings, therapeutic massage, music, art and water play activities. 

Children visit the surrounding communities regularly for activities such as walking, swimming, dance class, music therapy, shopping, bowling, holiday festivities, museum experiences and even college football games. These trips reflect the interests and choices of the children, staff and their families. 

For further information please phone our Director of Student Life & Recreation at:
(914) 968-4854 x250